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Chocolatey News!

Apr. 8th, 2007 | 07:40 pm

La Mancha Ranch & Orchards

OREGONIC!! Sahagún is proud to say we are using La Mancha's hazelnuts! Located in Sweethome, OR. La Mancha grows these beautiful organic filberts, you’ll find them in our Oregon Bark (Sour Cherries & Hazelnuts) and crowning our Luscious Caramels.

Claudio Corallo Whole Roasted Cocoa Beans!

We just got a shipment of these precious dears grown on his Terreiro Velho plantation on the island of Principe. lightly roasted and satisfyingly habit-forming! Neither acidic nor bitter. James Clark of Corallo Chocolate gave these personal instructions to enjoy them to the upmost:

“To fully enjoy them, it is best to remove the peel/husk, and to be a real purist, remove the germ/ stem too. The germ can be fairly hard an unpleasant to bite into and has an off flavor, this is why Claudio has the germ removed from each and every bean that he uses to create his chocolate. Peel the cacao bean similar to a whole peanut or pistachio, then look at the end of the bean for a small round stem. This can be removed by breaking up the bean in the palm of your hand and separating and discarding the germ/stem It's only about 1/8" - 1/4"long!. It may seem tedious at first, but after eating a few you will become a pro. Then......pop the bean in your mouth and enjoy! “

They are indeed delicious.....and fun to eat. So stop by the shop and sample these extraordinary beans!

Our resident butterfly......

......dragged in a new chocolate girl! Meet Miranda who’s up to all types of chocolatiness here. She is also a budding food writer, you can read some of her pieces (including some while interning at Portland Monthly) at the counter in the shop.

DeVries Chocolate

If you are interested in some of the most awesome chocolate in the world. Chocolate that’ll just make your body shiver then please check this website out. Steve has his online chocolate store well up and running. Get on his email list as well he has some great newsletters and you’ll learn a lot about his work


Attention: we just received a block of his Dominican 80% yesterday and will convert some into truffles by tomorrow.........just in time for easter hooray!

Happy Easter! Happy Spring Time!


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Serious Eats!

Feb. 13th, 2007 | 06:00 am

Ed Levine at seriouseats.com eats some Sahagún chocolates! Read about it here:

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Road Food visits Sahagún

Feb. 9th, 2007 | 07:16 am

Jane and Michael Stern of Roadfood paid a visit to Sahagún last week while in Portland:


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Let yourself fall in love....

Feb. 2nd, 2007 | 06:50 pm

.....with Chocolate!

Valentine’s week we will be open
Tuesday february 13 — Saturday February 17
10 am – 6pm

Very soon you will hear about something quite special we’re working on here at Sahagún for the lovers in town.
Please stay tuned.


Paul Noble as in Noble Cappuccino Paul Noble will be displaying some of his drawings on these walls here. You are invited to come take a look with us this Saturday February 3 from 8pm –10pm. Come have a sip and eat some chocolate lava rocks.

Which brings me to the next item of importance. Anyone interested in showing their work please contact me, Elizabeth, by responding. The only criteria being that the work be chocolatey.

Chocolate Shop

10 NW 16th Avenue
(between Burnside & Couch)

Wed – Sat
10am – 6pm

Except for Valentine’s week
(see above)

Sharpie tatoo: Gabriela Ramos
Drawing: Paul Noble

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Claudio Corallo

Dec. 14th, 2006 | 08:05 pm

Chocolate by Claudio Corallo

Some of you may have read about him in Saveur's November 2006 issue,
He and his chocolate make a prominent appearance in Mort Rosenblum’s book Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light and more recently in Chloé Doutre-Roussel’s The Chocolate Connoisseur.

Claudio Corallo grows his cacao on the Plantation of Terreiro Velho on the island of Principe in the nation of São Tomé & Principe (Africa’s smallest country. It’s west of Gabon)

A little more about the chocolate in his own words:

“On this plantation we have reproduced and we cultivate, the now rare, direct descendants from the first cocoa plants that arrived in Africa, actually on the island of Principe, in 1819. Dom Joao VI, thought well to transplant, on Principe which was also a Portuguese colony, the best plants cultivated in the region of Bahia.)”

“The good varieties of any fruit pay for their higher quality with the price of low yield and this cocoa is a variety that has a very low yield per hectare. Immediately after the harvest, the cocoa beans are carefully selected by hand and fermented naturally with a process unique to us, put in place to maintain their fragrance and exalt their aromas.
Slowly dried, roasted in small quantities, peeled by hand and processed cool, to make you discover and remember the taste of chocolate....that has no need of adding vanilla.’ *

Taken from 3 loucuras de Cafés....com Chocolate de Claudio Corallo

Please don’t expect a super refined European chocolate bar. Firstly these are artisanally made chocolate bars --------- They are made by hand produced in a smallish building in the middle of the tropics by Corallo, his two sons and their crew. What may seem rustic to some, is intentional, The idea being that over refinement in the manufacturing process just chases away the flavor which was so carefully developed as a result of correct growing practices, fermentation and drying.

It’s great honor to sell this chocolate and it’s a greater honor to have the opportunity to experience the fruits of such care, labor and attention.

Here are the chocolates

All Cacao grown in Plantação de Terreiro Velho. Fermented 9-17 days. Slowly Dried.
Roasted in small quantities. Peeled by hand.

1. Soft - a 73.5% bar with cocoa nibs. It feels softer to eat and the nibs are delicate (not like chewing pebbles). Attention those of you who were lately asking about the brick-like nib bar, Pralus’ Brut de São Tomé, Corallo’s Soft is what we were holding out for ....You will be quite pleased.

2. Chocolate 75% - pure experience of carefully crafted chocolatiness. Another opportunity to just trust your tongue.

3. Chocolate 80% – The sugar contained in these bars is in granular form. Soooo smooth flavor with crystal bites and sounds.

4. Chocolate 100% – Bars made from 100% cocoa beans. Not acidic nor over bitter.

5.Chocolate com Passas de Uva e Destilado de polpa de cacau – 70% chocolate with raisins that are soaked in a distillation of cocoa bean pulp. Check this OUT! I ate this for breakfast one morning and was in LOVE with the WORLD!!

6. 3 Loucuras de Cafés....com chocolate - Not just any chocolate covered coffee beans. Divided into 3 packets denoting 3 different small yield antique varieties of Arabica coffee all grown in the same plantation (also grown by Claudio Corallo on his Nova Moca Plantation in São Tomé) They are coated with the same 55% chocolate. Engaging Guided tasting experience instructions inside.

All available at Sahagún Chocolate Shop

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Check out these Hairplanes!

Dec. 11th, 2006 | 02:26 pm

All by Hair Nurse Lana

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Nov. 21st, 2006 | 02:02 pm

Special news announcement!

Anyone remember the gypsy days of LOW BBQ when it was setting up shop at the farmer’s market, the side of the road in SE and lastly on Monday nights at Apizza Scholls????

LOW was eventually sold.

But Rodney couldn’t bear to be without bbq, so he made another pit smoker and is firing it up at his new restaurant.
See below:



NE 15th & Prescott
Lunch & Dinner
Tues-Thurs & Sun: 11am-9pm
Fri & Sat 11am-10pm

Brisket, Lamb Ribs, Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Sandwiches & more!

All our meat is slow smoked using 100% oak wood. So you won’t find any electric, gas assistance or even charcoal in my smoker. I start at 5am every morning to have meat ready for dinner that night.

Using Strawberry Mountain Beef, Iowa Gold Pork

Read more about Rodney here:


Photo: JR (Podnah) Muirhead. Ennis, TX

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I ain't no foodie......

Nov. 19th, 2006 | 11:43 pm

......but it is an honor to be included in the Mercury's Foodie issue!


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Nov. 3rd, 2006 | 11:11 am

A AAA Via Reader chooses Sahagún for chocolates!

photo: Susan Seubert

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B-Side Chocolate Caper & Hair Nurse Lana

Oct. 24th, 2006 | 01:08 pm

See the traffic stopping chocolate caper presented by KGW filmed last Wednesday morning. Watch people getting forced to eat chocolate. Chocolatier, editor and cameramen dodging cars in the midst of green lights and drizzle. Out there making "crazy experiences" happen somewhere between Fantasy and doggy daycare.

Here it is :


ps. picture is a little (no, quite) fuzzy, just trust we're dealing in chocolate here.

On another sort of unrelated note:
(Warning: Only read on if you’re interested in awesome hair talent)

A good friend,
Lana the Hair Nurse
Has recently reappeared in town.
and I want her to stay here
Or at least count Portland as one of her west coast headquarters

She can do ALL KINDS of amazing, crazy as well as tame stuff with hair

See here:


I just want to share what a true artist she is!

You can finder her Mon & Tues 12-8pm


1720 NW Lovejoy St
(activspace bldg.)

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